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Ryan Evan Bruner

Biology Major
Physical and Biological Sciences Category


Ryan Evan Bruner is a senior at MSSU and OCC and will be graduating in May 2021 with a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. He has applied to medical school and is intent on continuing his education as he awaits a hopeful acceptance for this cycle.  


In the present study, we have examined the effect of Sorafenib on the pancreatic cancer cell line AsPC-1, a standard human pancreatic cancer cell line for research. Using 96 well plate, we have examined the effect of different concentrations of the drug on the cell viability of pancreatic cancer cells. We have observed that cell viability decreased with increasing concentration of the drug. We have further selected 10 micromolar concentration of the drug to treat the cells for RNA isolation. RNA was extracted from the treated and control cells using the Trizol method. cDNA was synthesized from RNA using reverse transcriptase. In order to analyze the expression of genes involved in apoptosis, we have performed real-time PCR and found a change in Bcl2 expression level but we found no changes in the expression of BAD.  

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