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Madison Casey

Criminal Justice Major
Social Sciences Category


My name is Madison Casey. I am a senior at Missouri Southern State University graduating in May 2021 with my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. I am in the Honors Program through MSSU as well. I am 21 years old and currently live in Joplin. I was originally born in Turlock, California.  


This research will be determining if there is a connection between the viewership of crime show dramas and deterrence of criminal behavior. The basis of this research is due to the idea of cultivation theory which is described as the way media shapes how people understand reality. There will be a survey conducted on Google Forms and distributed through social media platforms. The survey population will be a convenient sampling. This questionnaire will be used to determine the amount of viewership of these crime-show dramas along with more questions to test a person’s willingness to either commit or not commit a crime. The answers will then be compared to see if viewership of these crime shows leads to deterrence in criminal behaviors. The results were positive towards the crime dramas deterring the potential criminal behavior of the viewers. 

Poster Presentation