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Emma Bailey

Nursing Major
Health Sciences Category


I am Emma Bailey and I am currently in the Nursing and Honor’s Program. I will graduate in May of 2021, and I will work in the NICU, Pediatric, Postpartum, and Nursery departments at Freeman Hospital after graduation.


This research study explored the question, why do women choose to deny care from a male nursing student during the labor, delivery, or recovery process, at obstetric clinicals? The study examined the relationship between attitudes about men in nursing and specifically, the presence of male nursing students during the birthing process. The theory is that having a perception of men as hypersexualized beings will influence a woman to refuse care from a male nursing student. Data was collected using a five-point Likert scale survey. The survey was administered to females aged 18 years and older in two ways: (1) online via email to the faculty and staff of a small public university in a rural city in the middle of the United States and (2) online via Facebook. The data was analyzed using logistical regression analysis on the SPSS Statistics program. The study showed that the main factor that influences a woman’s decision in allowing or denying care is her feeling embarrassed to be cared for by a male and her attitude toward care provided by nursing students, in general. This question was necessary to study, in order to help educate women, patients, professors, preceptors, and nursing students on the importance of allowing male nursing students to receive a hands-on learning experience at obstetric clinicals.

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