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2021 Student Abstracts

2019 Student Abstracts

2018 Student Abstracts

2017 Student Abstracts

2016 Student Abstracts

2021 Abstracts

Roxanna E. Alberto

ProjectIdentification of Molecular Targets of BEZ-235 in Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line ASPC-1

Alex Alekhine

ProjectReducing Cycle Time of the QA Review Process

Kylie Atkinson

ProjectMeasuring the Muscles of Cottonmouth Pit Vipers as They Grow

Emma Bailey

ProjectAttitudes of Women About Presence of a Male Nursing Student During Birthing Process

Jordan Banker

ProjectDisruption and Subsequent Antibiotic Testing of Staphylococcus epidermidis Biofilms

Madison Barlow

ProjectFidget Spinner Fad of 2017

Lucas Berliew and Maya Courtade

ProjectAnalysis of Apoptosis Related Genes in LNCaP Cells Treated with P13 Kinase Inhibitor BEZ-235

David Bird

ProjectSmelser's Value-Added Theory: 2020 Toilet Paper Crisis

Ryan Evan Bruner

ProjectThe Efficacy of Sorafenib on Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line AsPc-1

Madison Casey

ProjectCSI Effect: Does it Deter?

Jeremiah Cline

ProjectRehabilitating the Biology Pond Trail at MSSU

Avery Cozens

ProjectThe Spring River Watershet, MO: Establishing Baseline Levels of Microplastics in Benthic Sediment

Julianna Determan

ProjectThe Utilization of Ipomea batatas in the Treatment of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Amanda Ethredge and Katelynn Stewart

ProjectMusic and the Brain: Playing and Listening to Music Works Several Areas of the Brain

Ashly Flores

ProjectThe Reconstruction Era: An Eternal Deficiency for African Americans Post Emancipation

Jordan Gibson

ProjectEvaluation of the Sympathetic Fibers in the Cervical Vagus Nerve

Jillian Hackney

ProjectSeeing Red: Quantifying the Diversity of Constriction Pressures Generated by Snakes

Kobe J. Kisling, Myka D. Masters and Jiyoung Yun

ProjectMorphometric Analysis of the Superior Ophthalmic Vein: A Cadaveric Study

Shelby Kuhnert

ProjectAn Exploration of the Sympathetic Component of the Right Phrenic Nerve

Adam Landburg

Project"Dry Your Chicken" Obtaining Target Water Activity (Aw) on Chicken Jerky While Reducing Variation

Lexis Mader

ProjectBody Temperature and Bite Performance in Alligator Snapping Turtles (Macrochelys Temminkii)

Shrihari Nagarajan

ProjectPrebiotic and Probiotic Pairing to Inhibit the Growth of Pathogenic Gut Microbes

Tim Peternell

ProjectDetermining Microplastic Concentration in the Water Column in the Spring River Watershed, MO

Nathan Piccoli

ProjectBaby Got Bite? A Determination of Venom Delivery in Cottonmouths

Janae Robinson

ProjectSheeter Load Quality Improvement

Nicole Robinson

ProjectThe Effects of PE on PA Levels

Mary Schad and Lucas Berliew

ProjectExploring the Potential of Flavopereirine for Breast Cancer at Molecular Level

Emma Schoolcraft

ProjectExistential Motherhood: Simone de Beauvoir's Restaging of the Maternal Drama

Ojurere Shonekan

ProjectThe Effect of Design Aesthetics on User Acceptance and Perceived Usability of a Novel Meal Mobile App

Hannah Snyder

ProjectTesting the Impacts of Prey-Size on a Gape Limited Predator

Kelsea Tyson

ProjectMeasuring Herpetofaunal Biodiversity in Southwest Missouri

Ashlynn Vanatter

ProjectPresence of Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli After Reduced Exposure to Antimicrobial Agents

Reese P. Wood

ProjectNursing Job Satisfaction in the Age of COVID-19

Gabe Wooden

ProjectSynthesizing Modified Quinoline Imidazole Analogues

Thomas Zapletal

ProjectTesting for Sexual Dimorphism in Turtles and Snakes

2019 Abstracts

Kylie Acklin

AbstractA Review of the 2003 European Heat Wave

Ben Adams

AbstractA Review of 1930's Dust Bowl

Jacque Ballay and Chandler Roberts

AbstractDevelopment of Antimalarial Chloroquine Analogues

Alexandria Berryhill

AbstractA Review of the Great Flood of 1993

Elena Bisotto

AbstractIdentification of novel transposition insertion sites of the soybean transposon Tgm9

Jaimie Blondin

AbstractLake-Effects snow storms and their impacts on the Great Lakes

Michelle Borr

AbstractInfluences of Women on Disability in Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene

Nikki Bramwell

AbstractEffects of Highlighting and Summarizing on Reading Comprehension

Caitlin Brock

AbstractPreferences for Learning Resources in Educational Settings

Patrick Corn

AbstractQuantitative alcohol determination using infrared spectroscopy for industrial and educational use

Richard DeCampa

AbstractThe Social Correlates of War

Ryan Drendel

AbstractSocial Media and the Self: Using Creative Nonfiction to Consider Empirical Findings

Elliott Evans

AbstractPart Number Assignment: Six Sigma Green Belt

Emily Evans

AbstractRenaissance or Reformation: Paradise Lost as Cultural Mirror

Kaelynn Evans

AbstractHow Knowledgeable are ase Managers About Resources Related to Their Local Behavioral/Mental Health Facilities

Brooke Freed

AbstractTowards a Better Understanding: Stories of Impoverishment and Lack of Accessible Child Care

Veronica Gazaway and Breanna Coillot

AbstractExtreme Weather Impact on Agriculture

Danielle Guishard

AbstractThe State of British Virgin Islands 18 month After Hurricane Irma and Maria

Jillian Hackney

AbstractHow Body Allometry Impacts Biomechanical Performance

Holly Haner

AbstractShadow Justice: Gubernatorial Clemency in the American States

Sarah Haskins

Abstract“She Being Brand” New and Easy to Exploit: How Cummings Upholds Power Systems

Haroldo Hernandez

AbstractThe Role of Alterations in the SLC2A10, FBLN5, and ELN Genes in the Likelihood of Developing Tortuous Arteries

Khye Hill

AbstractCollection and Identification of Pollen Collected From Beehives (Apis Mellifera) on the Missouri Southern State University Prairie

Rachel Hursh

AbstractCharacter Development in the Faerie Queene: Beasts, and Fairytales

Alec Ikerd

AbstractExamining Label Accuracy in Probiotics

Miranda Johnson

AbstractA Negative Relationship: Self-Care Practices and Burnout

Christopher G. Johnson and Colin Clary

AbstractA Small Scale Surveillance Study on the Prevalence of Tick Population in the Tri-State Area of the Midwest and Detection of Selected Bacterial Pathogens using Molecular Methods

Jaclyn V. Kidd

AbstractCreating Sexual Assault Awareness at MSSU by Anonymous Participation in an Art Exhibit

Amy Kirby

AbstractTo Have and to Hold: Sexist Connotations of Gifts in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Ruth

Sabrina Madewell

AbstractEffects of Music and Kaleidoscope Patterns on State Anxiety Reduction

Chelsie Marion

AbstractThe Effect of Deontology and Ethics on Tax Evasion

Syleris Gwin Martinez

AbstractIncrease Labor Efficiency on New Cable Harness

Abigail McGuire

AbstractEffects of Hurricane Katrina From Levee Failures

Rachel Murphy

AbstractA Qualitative Study Investigating EMS Professionals and Emotional Labor in the Workplace

Christian Neff

AbstractAn Analysis of the Thoracic and Intracranial Pressures During Constriction by Kingsnakes

Veronica Nguyen

AbstractUsing Whole-Body Performance to Understand Muscle-Level Mechanisms

Claire Pederson

AbstractPatterns of MRSA in Health Care Workers

Garrett Pekarek

AbstractSkin Deep: Race, Visible Tattoos, and Social Perception

Nathan Piccoli

AbstractBorneo Python Bowl: A Determination of Predation Performance

Cameron Priester

AbstractUsing Aquatic Snails to Measures Heavy Metals and Assess Wetland Remediation Success

Tyler Putney

AbstractSoil Preference for Eisenia fetida

Rachel Ray

AbstractRelationship between Social and Environmental Factors and Life Expectancy in Blue Zone Communities

Heidi Reich

AbstractThe Role of Threat on the Weapon Focus Effect

Raquel Reno

AbstractFood for Thought: Food Insecurity at MSSU

Sarah Robbins

AbstractLiving Art: The Repercussions of Separating Abusive Authors from Their Work

Autumn Roberts and Lucas Hertzberg

AbstractWeather in the Bermuda Triangle

Frank Rodriguez

AbstractSix Sigma Green Belt: Scrap Reduction

Mica Rosenow

AbstractThe Brachial Plexus: An Anatomic and Histologic Investigation of Variations

Omid Sharifi, Sadie Allen, Madison Shadwick

AbstractAnnoceous Acetogenins and Their Effectiveness on Cancer Cell Lines

Pranav Sharma

AbstractAssociation of Phospholipase D3 Gene with Alzheimer’s Disease

Jacob Sholl

AbstractBody Mass Index and the Likelihood of Embarrassment When Exercising with Others

Annie Smith, David Weidemen, and Tabitha Gray

AbstractReyco Granning Inventory Scrap

Brian Smith and Mark Capps

AbstractHarnessing Analog Electrical Signals to Control Manufacturing Processes

Kate Stauffer

AbstractAnkle Flexibility and Kick Time in Swimmers

Steven L Stokes

AbstractThe Effect of Health Insurance Market Concentration on Premiums

Rachel Sweet

AbstractDetermining an Association Between Non-Ionizing, Non-Thermal Radiation Emitted from Cellular Phones and the Growth of Brain Tumors: A Meta-Analytic Approach

Nathan Teeter

AbstractThe Effect of Price on Total Revenues

Skylar Thompson and Brandon Guerin

AbstractAnalyzing How Weather Impact Business

Elva Wright

AbstractKinematic Comparisons of Strike Performance in Sand Boas (Gongylophis colubrinus)

Mianqing Yang

AbstractStudent Understanding of the Inverse-square Law in Multiple Representations

2018 Abstracts

Aracely Aguirre

Air-Layering Propagation in Southwest Missouri TreesAbstract

Alyssa Brown, Lauren Brown and Ashlea Zumwalt

AbstractEnvironmental Impact of the Yellowstone Supervolcano

Ashley Burns

AbstractWhen Predator Becomes Prey: Testing for Differences in the Striking Behavior of Western Ratsnakes

Reese Bounous and Kacia Feller

AbstractMorphological Variation in the Celiac Trunk Branching and Clinical Significance

Ryan Drendel

AbstractJust Playin': Collective Oral Communication in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Kaitlin Fraser

AbstractComparison of Wellness in Undergraduate Health and Non-Health Majors

Brookelynn Freed

AbstractTowards a Better Understanding: Stories of Impoversihment and Lack of Accessible Child Care

Haroldo Hernandez

AbstractThe Role of Alterations in the SLC2A10, ELN and FBLN5 Genes in the Likelihood of Developing Tortuous Arteries

Ginger Hess

AbstractThe Effects of Plant Derived Compounds Protocatechuic Acid and Physcion on Bacterial Activity

Jenny Kaiser and Dominic Maiuro

AbstractThe Evaluation of Melanocyte Presence in Preserved Cadaveric Tissue

Ethan Manke, Nathan Glensky, Stanton Kent, Tyler Merriott, Jacob King and Darius Myles

AbstractThe Shadow of Mercy

Christian Neff

AbstractUsing Cardiovascular and Aerospace Medicine to Understand the Mechanisms of Snake Constriction

Teddy Pashia

AbstractProximate Determinants of Bite Force in Chelydra serpentina

Garrett Pekarek

AbstractDemographic Change in 20th Century Murphysburg

Christian Provence-Harmon

AbstractEffectiveness of a Community Asset Map in Relatins to Joplin's Empowerment Levels

Faith Scheidemantle

AbstractBehavioristic Approach to Assessment

Grace Scheidemantle

AbstractGlcNAc-Mal Inhibition of FosB

Sierra Wells

AbstractRelationship between Parental Knowledge of Physical Activity and Children's Fitness Levels

Oundré-A Smith

AbstractChemical Analysis of Glazes Before & After Firing

Caylee Stark

AbstractRelationships between Family Dynamics, Attachment and Parenting styles

Jason Stubbs and Katie Wiele

AbstractFibrous Metaplasia of Smooth Muscle Tissue of the Tunica Media in Tortuous Arteries

Alyvia Warstler

AbstractEmpowering Charitable Nonprofits to Strengthen Collaboration for Greater Effectiveness

Janzen White

AbstractBenthic Macroinvertebrate Community Assessment of Clear Creek, Spring River Watershed, MO, Following Fish Kill May 2014

Felicia Wooten, Hannah Cook and Danielle Traylor

Abstract"Don't Huff, Puff, or Blow Your Health Away": Smoke/Smokeless Tobacco and the Effects on the Oral Cavity

2017 Abstracts

Lani Blagg

Love, Sex, and the Ozarks: Breaking Stereotypes and Celebrating Women and Their Sexuality in the Poetry of Dave MaloneAbstract

Cora Butcher-Spellman

AbstractStudent Opinions of Anti-Discrimination Laws Protecting LGBTQ+ People

Cole Corlett and L. Gilbert-Saunders

AbstractSynthesis of Various Metal Thin Films by a Solution Paste for Applications in Solar Cells

C Jessica Crawford

AbstractReducing Drawing Revisions

Ryan Drendel

AbstractSpeak Up: Body Language and Dialogue in Raymond Carver's Fiction

Sarah Flowers

AbstractInfluence of Various Sporting Activities on Circulating Cortisol Levels

Blair Freed

AbstractGastrointestinal Microbiomes: Comparing Female Students in Different Living Environments

Hannah Fuller

AbstractImplementing Project-Based Learning in the Classroom and the Implications on Students Learning

Sierra Gray

AbstractPhotographic Gender Representations: A Content Analysis of Athletes on the International Olympic Committee Website

MaKale Harris

AbstractAnalysis on the Rape Kit Backlog

Rebeccah Harris

AbstractThe Overlooked Sex: Women in Agriculture

Alecia Henson

AbstractRape and Its Impact on Mental Health

Caleb House

AbstractReducing Defects at IFS Assembly

Emily Keeter

AbstractEdgar Allen Poe's Innovative Writing

Travis Lewis

AbstractWeeke #1 Efficiency Improvement Project

Ashleigh Long

AbstractVegetation Analysis of Missouri Southern State University Prairie

Michael Manley and Ashley Pearce

AbstractPreliminary Assessment of Distance-Learning Chemistry Laboratory Materials: Can Students Achieve the Stated Learning Objectives?

Emily Massey

AbstractThe Impact of Skilled Therapy Services on ICU Patients

Joshua Newhouse and Dr. David Penning

AbstractIs There Always a Need for Speed? Is It Possible for Snakes to Alter How They Strike?

Emily Nichols

AbstractCoping Variability Across Major Situations with Depression Symptoms and Locus of Control

Victoria O'Dell

AbstractEffect of Dexamethasone Levels on Expression of Bone Resorption Genes

Theodore Pashia and Dr. David Penning

AbstractPreliminary Assembly of a Compliant Sensor Capable of Withstanding Catastrophic Damage: Measuring High Bite Forces in Snapping Turtles

Garrett Pekarek

AbstractThe American Way: Cultural Influences on Sexual Assault Reporting

Kristopher Provins

AbstractTowards the Synthesis of 1,4-triazoles as Inhibitors of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5

Rhiannon Riesenmy

AbstractImmersive Virtual Reality: Gaming as an Alleviating Experience

Zadok Self and Dr. David Penning

AbstractHungry for More: Testing the Effect of Prey Frequency on Predation Performance in Snakes

Caylee Stark, Rhiannon Riesenmy, and Jennifer Kenyon

AbstractEffects of Headline and Image Congruency on Formation of Memory and Judgement

Myranda Steward

AbstractSpeed Difference Between Infield and Outfield Softball Players

Dana Stiles

AbstractEncouraging Students to Study Abroad

Garrett Ward

AbstractQuantification of Formaldehyde Concentration: An Inquiry Based Laboratory in Gas Chromatography

Megan Wilson

AbstractPositioning Standards Analysis

2016 Abstracts

Connor Ames

A simulation study on the optical behavior of individual voxels for three dimensional displaysAbstract

Neha Bang

AbstractMeasuring the Relationship between Streptococcus mutans Levels and Dental Caries Severity in Patients at the MSSU Dental Hygiene Clinic

Jason Banta

Laundry Department Waste Analysis and Cost Reduction Abstract

Emily Brewer

Do Intellectual Property Rights Influence Patent Disputes in the U.S.? An Examination of IPR scores versus Patent DisputesAbstract

Andrew Buckner

Bilateral Anomalies of Carotid Vessels and its Clinical Implication Abstract

Cora Butcher-Spellman

AbstractAnti-Discrimination Laws Protecting LGBT People

Nathan Ervin

AbstractPolitical Efficacy and Its Effect on Volunteering

Alyssa Farney

AbstractThe Correlational Relationship between Extroversion and the Characteristics of Self-Esteem

Ian Gimenez

AbstractChem-Film Cost Analysis

Kurt Housh

AbstractTowards the synthesis of a 3-s-alkyl-indoles as potential inhibitors of isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase

Jordan Jeffries

AbstractLooking at the Line

Sarah Jones and Welsey Campbell

AbstractSynopsis of Ergonomics Project

Terrence Kelly

AbstractPsychosocial Impact of Dissection Room Experience on Undergraduate Students

Christopher Killinger

AbstractThe Effect of Exchange Rates on Trade Balances

Hiroki Kondo

AbstractAn Effect of Inflation on the Exchange Rate in Japan

Baihe Liu

AbstractThe effect of interest rate on exchange rate

Holly Loncarich

AbstractDecoding the Oil Price Shock: Do Lower Oil Prices Lead to Lower Domestic Production?

Gabrielle Martin

AbstractThe Transition from STEM to STEAM and the Benefit to the Classroom

Shannon E Matlock

AbstractThe Effects of Social Norms and Educational Information on Pro-Environmental Behaviors

Andrew Morton

AbstractEmployee Utilization and Process Efficiency

Patrick Patterson and Hiait Alshammari

AbstractDetermine how often bag test should be performed and what the criteria are for a pass/fail of the bag test.

Hailey Sly

AbstractThe Effects of Positive and Negative Media on Racial Attitudes

Staci Sonntag and Austin Jorgensen

AbstractCompetition Type and Compensation Design in Regards to Performance

Derek Stokes and Alex Mason

AbstractSalivary Cortisol Concentrations in Athletes of Opposing Disciplines

Kuta Suso

AbstractInfluenza A Virus and Streptococcus pyogenes superinfection in a mouse model

Taelur Tatum

AbstractSimilarities among Former Foster Children Currently Enrolled at MSSU

Haley Waack

AbstractThe Effect of Prior Convictions on Recidivism

Kai Wang

AbstractThe effect of offensive rebound on NBA team wins