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Ojurere Shonekan

Computer Information Science Major
Business, Engineering and Technology Category


I am 21 years old and will be graduating from Missouri Southern State University in May 2021 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Science-Information Technology with an emphasis in Business and minors in Website Administration and Multimedia. I am interested in the way that humans and computers come together to solve the world’s problems, and would like to pursue my Master’s degree in this field. I have experience with programming in HTML, CSS, Python, C#, and Java. I have proficiencies in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and InDesign, as well as Figma. I enjoy doing anything creative, as well as working with others


The major intent of this study was to identify how design aesthetics affect user acceptance, adoption, and perceived usability of proposed new technology. The technology being tested was a College Meal Plan application at the Missouri Southern State University campus that gives a curated list of meal options and ideas to the user based on the user’s likes, budget, and cooking ability. The independent variable being tested was design aesthetics, and the dependent variables were user acceptance, adoption, and usability. The approach used for this study was a survey experiment to assess design aesthetics and usability using a Likert scale, a feeling thermometer to test adoption, and an open form survey to test user acceptance. This results in a mixed-methods experimental approach for this study. Expectations for this study were that an interface with more design aesthetic elements would return a higher rate of user acceptance, adoption, and usability.

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