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Nicole Robinson

Health Promotion and Wellness Major
Health Sciences Category


Hello, my name is Nicole Robinson. I am a Junior at Missouri Southern and I am studying in the Kinesiology Department to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and Wellness. After graduation, I plan to go on to graduate school and get my Master’s in Athletic Training. Once I am all through with school, my goal is to be an Athletic Trainer at the college level. 


Physical education (PE) in schools is thought to be a cornerstone in the development of early physical activity (PA) habits, although, physical inactivity has become a serious public health problem in many countries, with only a few people meeting the recommendations for physical activity (Dargavel, 2017; Mäkinen, 2010; Burner 2019). The purpose of this study is to determine if the physical education (PE) course students take in high school affects physical activity (PA) levels in college-age individuals. It is hypothesized that the foundation and higher level of PE students in secondary schools receive affects their current level of fitness and PA postsecondary school. Twenty-five, Missouri Southern State University students between 18 and 24 years old will fill out a demographic survey. Once all surveys have been collected the male and female data will be analyzed separately to examine if gender has an effect on their postsecondary physical activity levels. This research study is currently in progress so there are no results available at this time. 

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