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Amanda Ethredge and Katelynn Stewart

Music Education Majors
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Katelynn is a third-year Music Education major also getting a minor in psychology. I play clarinet and I participate in the MSSU Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and Marching Band. Amanda is a fifth-year Music Education major also getting a certificate in conducting. I play saxophone and French horn and am part of the MSSU Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band and brass studio. Both of us are enrolled in the Music for Elementary Education which brought us to participate in this symposium today. 


This research project was created to further analyze the influence that music has on adolescent development. These are methods used to engage students and create a learning environment where students learn musical concepts. Many students seek to further their education in a musical environment, and we investigated how these methods contribute to the success of those students continuing on in their musical development through band or choir. We also explored students and how their core studies are influenced by musical activities. There is also an explanation of brain development coming from certified neuroscientist studies. These studies include two different scans; fMRI and PET scans. There were neurons firing during the scan for each subject when the neuroscientists had them listen to music. This concluded that music is a workout for the brain due to how many parts are working at once. The research also includes the inventors of each method with a little bit of history and their philosophy to explain why their methods were created in the first place. Both of these are oriented for the child’s mind although both can be used for musicians for any age at any stage in their musical careers.  

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